What’s happening…?

I have just been subjected to the most gross, nastiest and uncouth behavior by 3 different “co-worker” that I work with in a 15 min spam.  I put the word”co-workers” in parentheses because these are… Continue reading

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! 

Sore eyes

Ok so I am sick of these youngins’ and some adults wearing sloppy clothes…I AM OVER IT!  I’m tired of seeing your draws on a daily, seriously get the right size already!  This… Continue reading


So here I sit after a WONDERFUL day in the A yesterday.  It was all of 80+ degrees and I was loving it, a taste of summer for sure.  Me and Pookiesan did… Continue reading

Random Text Convo

(co-worker stuck in a training class) SB:Ughhh…I’m soooooo sleeepy 😦 ME: ***SLaaaaP***….how ’bout now? SB:(holding cheek) Lil’ bit better ME: I thought that would help …lol SB: Tough love…Painful! All in a days… Continue reading

laissez les bons temps rouler!!

Happy Fat Tuesday y’all!!!

What’s going on

How am I: Overall good, we both had birthdays in February to celebrate which was fun as always!  YEAH!! I’ve been doing work stuff that has kept me busy, which is a good… Continue reading

You so Blanca!

Ok so those that know me know that I am a light skin person, nothing I can do about that.  Those that work with me for the pass, I don’t know, 3 to… Continue reading


Random Convo

Text with Co-worker Co-worker: I am stuck in this meeting and I’m freezing ME: Start a fire…pull the trash can up next to you, put paper products only in there and light that… Continue reading